I founded the company STIBITZ in 1997, inspired and motivated mainly by my own experience with workshops, mentoring and coaching. I decided to put together ideas and values I considered essential into a coherent programme for helping people and businesses grow. I wanted to be able to work the way I live – in freedom and with respect. So I created my own approach, in which understanding the client’s world is the key to building the foundation for cooperation. The results came faster than I expected.

The STIBITZ team

What sets our team apart is our experience – we’ve completed different study programmes, and have different professional experience, including different successes and setbacks. We work together to create and deliver a programme that helps others grow professionally. We know from our own experience that the road we travel is a winding road, with forks, detours, and even blind alleys.

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Change as an element of growth

Our work mainly concerns change. Change understood as an essential element of growth for individuals, teams, and whole organisations. In fact, these seemingly very different paths to growth often intertwine. An individual’s development translates into growth for the team, while a business’ development supports the individual in their own career path.

We accompany people and businesses in the process of change. Planned change, and unexpected change, when circumstances confront us with a fait accompli. In our work, we rely on our professional knowledge and experience. It’s hard to say which of the two is more important; each of us works in their own way. As a team, we value the ways in which we differ from each other, for they allow us to see things from different angles. We gain a broader view, and know more.