Mentor Practitioner

Mentor Practitioner

The MENTOR Practitioner module covers:

  • a theoretical and workshop part (65 hours);
  • practical work (mentoring sessions – 60 hours);
  • reflection (40 hours);
  • planning (5 hours);
  • supervised sessions – 3 individual and 2 group.

In total, a minimum of 170 accredited training hours.


After completing the Practitioner module, the participant will know/understand:

  • what goals can be achieved in the mentoring process
  • what the rules of the mentoring process are and how to use open questions
  • how to diagnose client needs
  • how to determine the limits of one’s competence and responsibility
  • how to establish the framework of the process and measure its success
  • what basic diagnostic tools are helpful in the mentoring process
  • what the rules are for working on the mentee’s goals
  • elements of non-verbal communication
  • the significance of and how to defeine a point of reference in the mentoring process
  • basic techniques useful in self-diagnosis
  • how to freely use the basic techniques for calibrating goals
  • how to distinguish between a goal and a strategy
  • how to gain skill at formulating things correctly and delivering feedback
  • physiological determinants in the process of change in a person
  • how to prepare and accompany the mentee during change
  • how to define barriers to change
  • when and how to apply coaching techniques in the mentoring process.