Individual sessions

Individual coaching and mentoring sessions

Each type of meeting with a coach or mentor has its own benefits. Group sessions allow people to exchange experience and share their different perceptions of the same subject. Individual coaching and mentoring sessions are the best way to focus on specific problems. For many, case studies are an indispensable supplement to workshops and trainings. We are aware that every client has different expectations and needs. That’s why, in individual coaching and mentoring sessions, you can choose which trainer you want to establish long-term cooperation with.

Coaching and mentoring session – choose your mentor or coach

Naturally, our offer includes individual coaching and mentoring sessions. It also includes individual and group supervisions, as well as diagnostic test results assessments, in which we look in depth at test results in order to get a complete professional profile of the test participant.

Our services are for people who are looking for support with their professional development, for those who are involved in recruiting and assigning employees new projects, and for coaches and mentors who work with clients. After all, self-development is an indispensable element of being a coach or mentor, or an HR manager or employee. Systematic participation in individual coaching or mentoring sessions not only lets you maintain a high level of professionalism, but also reduces the risk of job burnout.

Individual coaching and mentoring sessions with the best trainers

We invite everyone interested in individual coaching or mentoring sessions to get to know our coaches and mentors – see the About Us tab.

Our trainers have years of experience running coaching and mentoring sessions. All of them hold professional qualifications (ICF, EMCC), yet each has their own working style. That’s why we suggest you consult with the coach or trainer you have chosen in order to establish the ground rules for your individual professional development path.

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Coaching sessions

Meetings with a professional coach. Participants are given help with defining areas of individual potential and professional predispositions, and taking conscious advantage of their own personal resources.

Mentoring sessions

Individual meetings with a mentor. The goal is to grow and expand one’s self-awareness in the area of professional change. The mentor’s knowledge and experience are unique resources the learner can benefit from.

Individual supervisions

A supervisor’s support helps increase one’s mentoring competences through: analysing one’s own work as a mentor, analysing one’s style and approach as a mentor, analysing difficult situations or ethical issues that arise during the mentoring process.

Assessment of individual test results

Meetings with a certified trainer for persons who have completed a test. Professionally run discussions of one’s profile of professional predispositions.
Assessment sessions allow participants to fully benefit from the information contained in the test results and to apply this in their professional practice.