Coaching sessions

The idea

Coaching is a method of supporting people in their professional and personal development. The essence of coaching is to provide help in achieving professional and life goals. The coaching process therefore involves change and action.

The essence of coaching is to expand the client’s self-awareness and have them take responsibility for their own life and actions. The coaching process is a meeting of two individuals:  coach and client. The role of a coach is to help the client understand themselves better. Awareness of oneself, one’s limitations and potential is the way towards the client achieving the goals they have set themselves.

Coaching helps people move towards their goals in a deliberate, planned way, and is a tool that supports people in difficult and crisis situations. It enables people to get over non-constructive approaches and work out possible solutions.

Coaching work helps people perceive their own potential and resources. Sometimes it’s the case that we don’t realise the capital we possess, or don’t know that at a given moment it’s worth drawing on that. Often we fail to perceive other possibilities that are worth taking.

The coaching process helps define achievable goals and find one’s own path for implementing them as a result of personal choices and decisions.