Basic course

Individual Leadership Development Path

The idea

Becoming a leader is a process, one that requires deliberate involvement, attention and time. The idea of this series of meetings is to expand participants’ leadership competences and provide professional support in the process of their forming themselves as leaders. The length of the course makes it possible to directly apply the knowledge gained in the workplace. The course is structured so as to be both a source of knowledge about leadership and a platform for sharing experiences within this scope.

Every one of us has unique traits, experience and ideas about what it means to be a leader. No two leaders are the same. Each becomes a leader in their own way.. The workshop topics and tools are constructed such that you can define your own leadership style and consciously go down that path, knowing what our strengths are and what you should pay particular attention to. Thanks to the formula of the workshop, you can also become inspired by the experiences of other people.

  • The course consists of 15 meetings help every two weeks.
  • The maximum number of persons in a group is ten.
  • Those who complete the course will receive a John Maxwell Team certificate.


Meeting subjects:

  1. Before you decide – barriers to developing leadership competence.
  2. Who am I? Self-awareness in the process of development.
  3. Do you really know your potential?
  4. The meaning of reflection.
  5. Consistency – without which nothing.
  6. In what environment are you developing?
  7. Designing strategies.
  8. Managing errors.
  9. Personality and values in the development of a leader.
  10. The dynamics of activity – what counts: the present or the future?
  11. You have to give up something to get something.
  12. Curiosity as the first step towards development.
  13. Modelling on the road to development.
  14. How to surpass limitations.
  15. Developing yourself, you develop others.