Stibitz is the fulfilment of our dreams, of the need to grow and the desire to support others in reaching their goals. For companies, business people and other individuals, we offer professional knowledge on leadership, mentoring, and specialised business competences. We conduct mentoring and leadership courses that are internationally accredited by EQA EMCC and John Maxwell Team. Our team comprises certified and accredited mentors and coaches.


Leaders don’t come about by chance. We teach participants how to consciously travel the path to leadership. The Leadership Academy means professional knowledge, tools and practice. Two levels of training ensure that leadership competences are developed systematically.


The Mentoring Academy means high-quality work that meets international standards. We teach participants how to become a professional mentor. We not only transmit specialised knowledge on mentoring, but share our experience as well. The Academy provides training at both Foundation and Practitioner levels.

Workshops and webinars

Emotions in Business, the Art of Negotiating, the Conscious Career, Engrossing Presentations, Social Media and Business – these are just some of the wide range of workshops and webinars we offer to companies and business people.

Individual sessions

Certified, accredited mentors and coaches. Individual consultations, coaching and mentoring sessions. We share our knowledge and experience, and support individuals in the process of their making changes in their professional life and career development.