In our work, we use varioius tools that support the implementation of the services we provide. These are mainly tools that help in the process of diagnosis, and they are normally used at the beginning of cooperation to better understand the situation in which a team or company finds itself. With that knowledge, we can then customise, along with you, what activities are to be taken and apply suitable working methods.

The tools we use help in the diagnostic process at the company, team and individual levels.

In diagnosing a company/team, for years we have been using:

Similarly, with regard to individuals, we offer two types of test that assess a person’s professional competence profile:

The information obtained from these tests expands a company’s knowledge about a given person’s potential, helpful in establishing the direction for professional development and adjusting the working method employed. Such tests are also an essential tool supporting recruitment and the process of building and developing teams.

Individual predisposition tests may also be used separately from the offer. You can simply order a test in order to find out your own professional competence profile.