Master-hr diagnostic tests

In our work we use Master-hr tests. They were developed on the basis of scientific research, and are internationally certified (inc. BPS, APA). The tests provide reliable knowledge on: individual professional predispositions, motivation to work, and how employees function in their relations with others.


The idea:


The tests provide support in the following areas:

RECRUITMENT – they give reliable, detailed information on professional competence profiles, motivation, and the role a given person takes on in teamwork.  As an employer, you will be able to analyse the profile of a potential employee in respect of the requirements of a given position. This allows you to optimise the recruitment process and save time.


EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT – as a supervisor, with your employee you will be able to plan their professional development based on their professional competence profile. Knowledge about their skills, potential and weaknesses allows you to optimise your support in the process of their carrying out tasks and projects. The knowledge about an employee obtain from the tests lets you assign them with real, optimal development goals that take account of their individual predispositions. The tests make it possible to optimise the development process for employees at all levels. They can also support you in your own development.


TEAM BUILDING – a well constructed, efficient team is a key to success. As a supervisor, you know that the effectiveness of the team large depends on matching the traits and motivations of the team members to the goals of the team and the personality of its leader. The predisposition tests provide support in forming teams consciously. They help you organise the team’s work effectively and draw on the strengths of its individual members. The tests supplement your knowledge about team members’ competences, and help you to support and manage them effectively.


  • Versions of the tests

    MPA test

    This test allows you to identify the professional predispositions a given person possesses. The test tests three groups of professional competences: “strength” of action (decisiveness, influence on others), social competences, and preferred working style. The test results give a full picture of fields of competence, showing the strengths and talents of a given person. An analysis of the test results in a profile of professional skills, and is not judgmental in nature.


    EASI test

    This test tests the character of a given person’s motivation. The test results allow you to answer the questions:  What motivates this employee? What kind of challenges are interesting for them?  What tasks get them most fully engaged? Such knowledge help in assigning tasks and roles in which the person will feel at their most competent and which will be interesting and involving for them. 


    • Conducting the tests

      The test is available online. It takes about 30 minutes to complete.  The rests are confidential. Access is granted only to the persons running the test and to people accepted by the person taking the test. The results are discussed only by people who are certified to interpret them and provide information.