Qualitative diagnosis of organizational culture

  • The idea

    The KAM project is a tool allowing you to acquire knowledge on how your company is perceived by your customers, other companies on the market, and your competitors. The structure of the tool makes it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s offer and how customers perceive cooperation with you.

    By using the KAM project:

    • You get to know your customers’ opinions about your company, people in the company, current cooperation and future cooperation.
    • You will acquire knowledge about your competitors, the principles for selecting a company to cooperate with, and the key selection criteria preferred by customers.


    The programme allows you to acquire knowledge at three levels important to a company’s structure:


      • Surveys allowing you to get to know customers’ opinions about your company’s overall image
      • They show the company’s position in relation to competitors
      • They show why customers want to cooperate with you, or why
        they decide otherwise


      • They allow you to gather opinions regarding cooperation with the whole team – after a meeting you know what the strengths and weaknesses of the team are and what requires improvement
      • They show how to optimise relations with customers, which leads to improving service quality.


      • Taking an interest in the customer makes them perceive that they are your important business partner, that their opinion counts, and that your company cares about the quality of the relationship
      • Meetings help expand your knowledge about the customer’s business
      • Taking an interest in the customer and their business concerns helps them believe both their business needs and those concerning the form of the relationship will be better understood
      • The surveys make it possible to adjust the nature of the services provided, and their operational and relational details, to the specific needs of the customer


    • How is the programme conducted?

      We prepare and run structured qualitative interviews with customers. Our experience shows that the form of a direct, structured conversation based on respect and understanding among participants makes it possible to gather knowledge that is difficult to acquire during ongoing business relations with the customer, or even through very comprehensive questionnaires

      The KAM project covers three groups of customer companies:

      1. Customers who currently cooperate with the company:

      The programme makes it possible to determine what customers appreciate in current cooperation and what hinders that cooperation. It facilitates introducing changes into that cooperation to ensure that this takes place as beneficially as possible for both sides.

      1. Customers who stopped cooperating

      The survey of this customer group allows you to identify and better understand the reasons for a slackening or cessation of cooperation. This is very important information with regard to business contacts with customers.  Often, it also allows you to renew
      relations with the customer – customers often perceive the survey as your taking care of them.

      1. Potential future customers (Prospecting KAM)

      Meetings allow you to get to know customers’ preferences when making decisions concerning cooperation and their selection criteria. They give a broad range of information on the potential “accessibility” of customers.

      • An inseparable elements of the KAM project is the process of analysis and reporting. As a result of our activities, you obtain:

      – a report from each meeting

      – a collective report from all the meetings conducted that analyses the strengths and weaknesses of your company and provides recommendations.


      Prospecting KAM is a programme arising out of the KAM project

      • It is a research project created in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in the process
        of searching for and winning over new customers.
      • Our experience to date shows how important it is when looking for and
        gaining customers to know their business, their needs and the type of relationship that
        is formed during cooperation.
      • We used this knowledge when creating the structure of Prospecting KAM. Experience and
        practice are two of the pillars on which we base our work during the implementation
        of the project
    • Goals and benefits of Prospecting KAM for the customer

      The offer has been designed as a complete cycle of activities whose results can serve to achieve specific business goals connected with expanding the number of customers cooperating with your company.

      By running a Prospecting KAM programme, you will gain insight into:

      • the scope of services customers expect
      • the way in which customers choose service suppliers
      • their preferred rules of cooperation
      • competing companies.