The events taking place beyond our eastern border have shocked our society, which, responding to the cry of despair, wants to help our Ukrainian neighbors. Many of us decided to recive refugees from Ukraine at our homes who had experienced traumatic experiences in recent days. It is a beautiful act of humanitarianism, but at the same time, we should be aware of the many complications that may arise from living under the same roof with strangers – with people who have a different language, culture, often religion. Living together can pose many problems, such as: language barrier, establishing and enforcing the rules of the house, reacting to extreme emotions, such as crying, withdrawal, distrust.
Therefore, in order to meet these challenges, STIBITZ wants to actively support both those who have recived or will receive refugees at their homes, and the victims of war. Our certified coaches, trainers and psychologists want to help such people on a voluntary basis by offering free intervention sessions and meetings that will help both sides cope with stress and find themselves in this unusual situation.

Sessions dedicated to people inviting refugees include professional support in the field of:


– contracting, i.e. how to set and enforce boundaries;

– coping with the language barrier;

– effective communication;

– being assertive;

– reacting to extreme emotions.

Additionally, we offer separate help in the form of therapeutic interventions to victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Our trainers provide psychological support that will help them:

– diagnose the degree of emotional dysfunctions and refer them to a possible therapy;

– find yourself in a difficult situation and adapt to new conditions;

– to cope with stress;

– communicate effectively with the people they stay with (talk about your concerns and needs).

Depending on the agreement of both parties, the sessions may be held in the form of face-to-face meetings, videoconferences or telephone conversations.

If you are interested, please contact us by phone at 516-532-856 or by e-mail: