Sales module

How to sell effectively – market trends, a modern sales model, the seller’s image
Sales without selling – basic workshop

The idea

 The approach we propose views selling as a process of getting to know the customer and their needs, and building a relationship with them. During the workshops we help develop competences that support the creation of long-term business relationships with customers. 

The selling we teach is a “long-distance run”. We don’t teach how to sell fast, and just once. We want your customer to remain with you because they want to come back, and we want them to recommend you to other people. We propose that you accompany your customer as they develop and implement their business needs. This is a path of partnership and cooperation where the customer feels you take an interest in them and provide real support in the achivement of their goals. In this meaning, selling to exchanging and sharing your competence and knowledge, not simply seeking profit.


During the workshop:

  • You will be introduced to the idea, theory and “rule” of the “Sales without selling” model.
  • You will get to know how to build relations with your “new” customer: to diagnose and understand their needs, and build mutual trust.
  • You will acquire practical knowledge on how good sales help build your brand.
  • You will expand your knowledge about barriers to sales you have within you and how to overcome them.
  • You will learn the essence of how to develop and maintain business relationships after the completion of an order.
  • You will acquire practical tools that support you in selling.
Your sales potential – advanced workshop

The idea

Everyone has their own unique style in starting up relationships, conversations or discussions. These are characteristics that play a key role in forming you as a seller. Similarly, there are barriers you have within you:  how you think about yourself as a seller, what you think about your customers, and your habits and convictions all affect how you sell.

During the workshop, you will be able to recognise and define your individual profile of competences and the resources that help you in the sales process. The workshop will also help you identify “external” resources you can draw on: your company brand, and the resources of your company and your team. This is the specific business environment in which you operate as a seller.

The workshop is both diagnostic and self-reflective. It also contains elements where you work on your own and have the opportunity to perfect your sales skills in practice.


During the workshop:

  • you will identify and define your individual selling style
  • you will get to know your resources as a seller and work on effective ways to utilise them
  • you will get to know the selling styles of other people – other people’s experience that you can benefit from. Often, these can inspire us to new activities.
  • you will define other resources you can draw on as a seller
  • you will have practical opportunities to perfect your competence in establishing relationships with customers
Customer relationships – the dynamics of creating and maintaining relationships - advanced workshop

The idea

Every business relationship arises in a different way. What is possible in a conversation with one customer may be impossible with another. What helps develop one relationship can destroy another.  Such observations gave rise to this workshop on the dynamics and unique nature of every individual relationship with a customer.

  • How should you function in the customer’s world in order to build, not destroy?
  • Is the path you’re on the right one?
  • Do you really know what your customer needs?

A lot of sellers certainly ask themselves these questions. The workshop allows you to increase your knowledge of how to accompany your customer in the successive stages of your business relationship. Like every relationship, a business relationship has its own dynamics. Your customer will need different engagement from you depending on the stage you both are at and the circumstances in which you operate.  Knowing the rules of dynamics lets you operate consciously in this area.


During the workshop:

  • You will expand your knowledge about the dynamics of sales relationships and the changes that take place within them
  • You will get to know the rules of building up a good relationship at various stages of its development: initiation, growth and maintenance
  • You will define what a good business relationship is for you and learn how to recognise what it can be for the customer
  • You will learn what the differences are in how you and the customer define milestones and crisis points
  • You will learn the principles for growing sales in the after sale process.
    Business prospecting – advanced workshop

    The idea 

    As a seller, no doubt you sometimes ask yourself: What’s the best way to win customers over? How do other people build up their network of customers? Such questions are also asked by the most experienced seller who, due to changes in business circumstances or on the market must once again find new customers.  This workshop teaches you, step by step, how you can look for customers and where you can find them.

    Today’s market poses many challenges for companies trying to exist on the market, and for sellers themselves. Reaching the most promising customers and establishing business relationships with them is increasingly difficult. The goals of the workshop are to get to know different ways of looking for customers, and to inspire you to define your own path.


    During the workshop you will learn how:

    • to win over new customers
    • to create an effective sales strategy
    • to act creatively and manage sales
    • to plan sales activities and achieve the goals you set
    • to build up lasting business relationships
    • to actively expand your network of business contacts