Elżbieta Różycka – Solinas

I am a leader with over 25 years of experience in business and NGOs. For more than a dozen years, I have held management roles in companies and foundations dedicated to developing leaders through training programs, coaching and mentoring. I combine substantive knowledge of development topics with a practical, business-oriented approach to building places that meet clients’ needs professionally and with the highest quality. This is precisely my role at Stibitz.

My special area of interest is professional business mentoring. I firmly believe in its uniqueness and effectiveness in developing leaders. I also believe in the sense of building real diversity in organizations and have been involved in the development of women leaders for years, co-creating development and mentoring programs dedicated to women.

Business efficiency while maintaining a “human touch” and a high culture of cooperation is important to me. I work in accordance with my values: respect and attentiveness to people, partnerships, trust and fairness – and this is the collaborative environment we create at Stibitz together with our coaches and clients.


  • managing a foundation that runs large projects for business (research, mentoring, leadership development, D&I);
  • managing the largest cross-business mentoring program in Poland (500 people per year);
  • managing the open training department and operations of a training company;
  • designing and implementing development projects dedicated to female leaders;
  • implementation of internal mentoring programs at firm.


I work in Polish and English.