Advanced course

Leadership Gold

The idea

Every leader functions within a defined social context. That context is the basis and course of your activities. What people you have around you, what inspires you, how you make use of your own experience and that of others – all these greatly affect the process of becoming a leader.


Leadership is an individual decision and path. On that road, how open you are to others and how you cooperate with the people that surround you are important in forming your leadership structure and style. In the workshop, we provide resources you can draw on to consciously form yourself as a leader. Resources that often go unnoticed or are deemed as having little relevance.


  • Have you ever considered what other people are necessary for in the process of building your leadership?
  • Do you know what the successes of others have taught you?
  • Do you know what the mistakes of others have taught you?
  • Is experience enough?
  • Can you manage yourself?
  • Do you consciously draw on the experience of others?
  • Where do you get feedback on your own leadership?


The answers to these questions are important indicators on the road to building your own leadership skills. The workshops allow you to acquire and develop social competences that are key to being a leader.


  • The course consists of 15 meetings help every two weeks.
  • The maximum number of persons in a group is ten.
  • Those who complete the course will receive a John Maxwell Team certificate.



Meeting subjects:

  1. The loneliness of the leader
  2. Managing yourself is the most difficult
  3. Science in the service of development
  4. What do others have to offer?
  5. Managing key moments in the eyes of others
  6. Whose mistakes is it worth learning from?
  7. Why isn’t just wanting enough?
  8. Experience – necessary but not enough
  9. People count, not results
  10. Success as a function of prior decisions
  11. Time or life management?
  12. Who are you travelling with?