The mentor training path we offer (Foundation and Practitioner programmes) is accredited by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) for mentoring programmes – and has been given an EQA European Quality Award, which for years has been a sign of quality in forming mentors.

An EQA means that a course meets the highest standards of training, and guarantees quality teaching, and the compliance of skills acquired with EMCC Framework Competences and the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

Thanks to the accreditation held by the programme and trainers, participants have an opportunity to obtain individual accreditation as an International Accredited Mentor – European Individual Accreditation as the Mentor Foundation and Mentor Practitioner (EIA Practitioner) levels – provided they meet the other conditions of accreditation.

What does accreditation give?

  • It confirms the level of your skills

Accreditation is proof that your skills as a mentor have been verified by an independent international association, the EMCC.

  • It enhances your professional credibility

By being accredited, you gain the trust of your clients

  • It sets you apart as a professional working according to the highest standards

You will stand out from the community of mentors in Poland (EMCC accreditation was held by only a dozen or so people in Poland as at August 2019)

  • It shows that you are continually developing your skills

Accreditation confirms that you take care to enhance your qualifications as a mentor

  • EIA confirms that you apply good practices and adhere to the Code of Ethics, which is of paramount importance in this profession

Good practices and the Code of Ethics were formed on the basis of the EMCC’s 25 years’ experience.

  • It shows you take a professional approach

An accredited person is one who works in a professional manner and is prepared to work effectively with clients.


Read more on conditions of accreditation… https://emccpoland.org/akredytacja/akredytacja-indywidualna-coacha/

Accreditation fees: