Gallup Tests

In our work, we also use Gallup tests.

The Gallup method allows us to support both the employee’s individual development and the process of consciously building and managing the team.

The Gallup Institute talent test – the Clifton StrengthsFinder – measures the presence of 34 traits related to talents. Talents are natural thought patterns, emotions and behaviours that naturally predispose a person to a certain reception and transformation of reality, and thereby to achievements in certain fields. The strongest, most dominant talents of a given person have the greatest effect on their behaviour and achievements.


Each of us has 5 dominant traits (talents) that essentially do not change throughout our life. They comprise our natural potential and predispositions – but whether a person wants to turn them into their strengths – their area of personal mastery – is up to the individual.

The idea of Gallup Strengths

What traits do successful managers have? A team of researchers from the Gallup Institute noticed that successful people skilfully use their effective patterns of behaviour in order to create something exceptional, to find solutions and carry out tasks. This means that there is no ideal set of traits that guarantees success – what counts is skill at using the innate mechanisms we possess, since this makes us more effective in our actions than other people. To develop your talents into strengths, you need to make an investment.


What are the benefits of getting to know your talents?

  1. It raises your self-awareness, i.e. you understand yourself better

You discover how you function. Your talents show you certain ways of acting that you may not have been aware of.

  1. You become aware that your talents are not universal at all

If you think “everyone’s got it”, you may be surprised. What is normal for you can often be a great strength of yours for others.

  1. You understand other people better, thanks to which you communicate better

Continuing the previous point:  thanks to your talents, you can understand why other people have a completely different style and can bring other values to the team.


What does working on your talents give you?

  1. You consciously use and develop your talents into strengths

Do you know now what you’re good at? Great – now you can completely consciously forge that to your benefit.


  1. You become able to effectively achieve your goals and be productive

By working on transforming your talents into strengths, you move from the stage of ‘being’ to that of ‘doing’. This means that, not only do you begin implementing the goals you have set for yourself, but you also increase your productivity.


  1. You find your optimal way of working

When you take on a new task, you already know how your talents will help you carry it out. You are also aware of what you lack and where to look for those missing traits.


  1. You discover what motivates you

Knowing your own mechanisms of motivation helps you achieve tasks in both private and professional life.