Academy of Mentors STIBITZ – programme

The programme consists of 2 modules; after completing them together with the required practical work you can apply for EMCC accreditation at the EIA EMCC Practitioner level.

I. The MENTOR Foundation module covers:

  •  a theoretical and workshop part (7 hours); 
  • practical work (mentoring sessions – min. 6 hours);
  • a written self-reflection (5 hours);
  • planning (2 hours);
  • one supervised session.

In total, a minimum of 20 accredited training hours
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II. The MENTOR Practitioner module covers:

  • a theoretical and workshop part (65 hours);
  • practical work (mentoring sessions – 60 hours);
  • reflection (40 hours);
  • planning (5 hours);
  • supervised sessions – 3 individual and 2 group.

In total, a minimum of 170 accredited training hours

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III. Course completion certificate and obtaining accreditation

After completing each module together with the required practical work, participants obtain a training completion certificate.

After receiving a positive assessment by the trainers and meeting the additional EMCC requirements, it is possible to obtain EMCC accreditation along with “EIA application with EQA” Fast Track at the Foundation and Practitioner levels (accreditation fee payable to EMCC).



Methodology of the Programme


Each part of the programme has been planned so as to instill the competences required by the EMCC, which comprise:  process evaluation, application of models and techniques, a results and activities orientation, enabling client insight and knowledge, self-awareness, engagement in one’s own development, contract management, relationship building.

The regular workshops involve groups of from 6 to 14 persons, and are always led by two trainers.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Issues concerning programme content or accreditation:

Piotr Ciacek,
Joanna Filipowicz,


Organisational issues – applications, payment, meetings:
Julita Komosa,